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Latest News

1 May 2017

KPCHost will focused GENiBOX on a decentralized platform NOMADCO.IN The NOMADCO.IN Platform Environment will focused on privacy shopping for online users. Read more on GENiBOX NOMADCO.IN here on KPCHOST Facebook FACEBOOK

5 April 2017

Are there sufficient value circulating to serve the public? NomadCoin, a combination of protocols that can create abundance of functionalities in the real world. Github

1 April 2017

Genibox pre-implementing Nomad encryption using decentralized system, increasing expansion probability which not much of an April's Fool day compares to BTC's Black Friday.

02 March 2017

Domestic payments are actually very expensive‚ it's 5x to 10x more expensive and 19% of domestic transactions are cashless‚ offering a service which is cost saving is a priority said Yoshikawa‚ a representative for Ripple in the Japanese Market. .

23 February 2017

Do we really need to hardened security and protect our customers' data and interest to compete? Does a whole new representation on the future of money and global finance on a new structure benefits both sides? .

6 February 2017

What you need to know to keep your enterprise secure from social engineering exploits? The techniques for social engineering range widely‚ as does the potentially targeted information. For example, we said that social engineering could include a phishing email that tricks a user to open an attachment that includes some type of exploit or payload.

31 January 2017

We're accepting Bitcoin!

24 September 2016

GeMS on Py is on Github download PyDownload GeMS Py

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