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Why choose us?

Genibox on pursuit for a decentralized system pre-implementation

The latest development for technology and b2b expansion, GENiBOX in the implementation of a project on a decentralized network. This effort will be a challenging path for GENiBOX as the capability of the decentralized network has not been fully utilised by the public. "We have seen global change at the main stream businesses on the inner circle, but not many exposure down under and it will be an exciting journey!", said GENiBOX Head of Operations.

GENiBOX will be announcing the name of the project, Map Path of the project and the proof-of-work for public voting on public platforms. This will be done, right after pre-implementation and preparation period within this few months. Prior to the launching and public voting at a larger scale, GENiBOX has designed a testnet platform and network for this particular project. The project name will be announced very soon. For the public voting of the project, which is a very crucial step in a decentralize system or any other encryption project which many had skipped this important step and we have seen many had failed trying to control it.

Research on Creative alternative, research on smart home technology of the future

We have been serious on producing and integrating technology from Germany with our very own raw material locally. Combined, these products were produced to assist you in being a wise "Capital Investors" and a considerate "Home Owner".

Being a wise "Capital Owner" while generating good revenue is not an easy task where high costs related to man power topped that up with high energy consumption. The "SunAtap™" Roofing Solar Energy System that our research department had produced after 4 years of research and rigorous testing. "SunAtap" Solar Roofing is a hybrid though some may consider a MonoCrystalline to get their grid-tied system running without changing the whole roof! With SunAtap™ Solar Roof it's a planned installation instead of just put it up flat on your roof. But the production of energy will be higher in percentage and your roof will not be covered by solar panel.

Factories on the other hand, may have been experiencing high usage of energy, this may pinch their budget every month. For MonoCrystalline series, its more suitable for high rise building installation or factories where manufacturing industries and agriculture need it the most. Whereas, to a Home Owner is not easy when everyone in your home are supposed to save electricity where possible. Installation of PolyCrystalline panels may have cheaper alternative for you as our 25 years warranty is an added advantage. To a Capital Owner, this will add up to the Cost-To-Owners-Capital in the future where it may fetch a higher revenue to your home and leverage further costs that you know getting higher year end and year out.** Kindly consult your financial analyst or property evaluator on this issue.

Safe technology for the future is our priority.

Genibox™ Sensor System ranging from Business to Home or Personal Use. The wide range of Genibox™ Security can suit Hotels for protecting Customers privacy and cutting down costs in the long term, Business with high confidential data and valuable items, Research centers which needed to be protected from unauthorized outgoing trademarks or valuable research blueprints, Homes for a secure environment so you can have a peace of mind while at work.

To us, intelligent home or smart home means making your life easier, manage a better cost of household living etc. etc. that eventually realizes your future generation's imagination about smart home in the future. As we may have known, nothing is impossible when we really put our mind and soul into creating something better for you and our investors.

Genibox™ Gamification

It's an edge over traditional media which static applications are concerned.

We have made this easier by providing a platform which provides speed transfer of information to internal network of an enterprise, easyness of accessability, cost to role of employee, data scnyronization throughout the whole infrastructure in terms of capability or analytically.
Combination of Media and GENiBOX Gamification System will make your IT employees life easier and more branding visibility.

Businesses and Rapid Technology Changes

Businesses are adapting technology subsets especially in I.T. resources into their company to meet challenging market and industry demand. More jobs have been created for this purpose and engaging I.T. outsourcing companies are secondary option. The latest I.T. job report shows growth in tech industries in the western countries for the first half of 2012. While the 1.7 percent increase appears modest, it equates to almost 100,000 new jobs alone for I.T. professionals. So this will increase maintenance costs in the business. Distribute more value added packages to meet these demands that focuses on end users' priority. The encouraging IBOs bidding offer that was announced by the Malaysian Prime Minister recently has seen another RM102.50 million forecasted revenue added to the IT industry potential total revenue particularly in the Systems and Software market in Malaysia.
How To Understand Tech Companies?

Innovation Business Opportunity IBO

Innovation Business Opportunity IBO Malaysia

Market Demand for OptimizeBiz Service Package:

Business Expansion

Digital platforms that display clear digital graphics and digital designs have made it into various places in the cities with high visibility and crowd and is a demand to tap a percentage of the electronic media advertisement.

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