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KPC Host latest brand and line of products GENiBOX™

GENiBOX™ Gamification

To give branding an edge over traditional media which static applications are concerned. Since Social Media took it place in the lives of consumers, getting traditional media to catch up with web and mobile applications is a hassle to most IT company and Advertising company or any other Enterprises.
Your IT employees will have hours of integration and coding which attribute to layers of internal appications. Your IT employees or experts will need to work closely with businesses to identify where analytics can be leveraged more, as well as integrating services required to optimize analytics capabilities across the enterprise.
We have made this easier by providing a platform which provides speed transfer of information to internal network of an enterprise, easyness of accessability, cost to role of employee, data scnyronization throughout the whole infrastructure in terms of capability or analytically.
Combination of Media and GENiBOX Gamification System will make your IT employees life easier and more branding visibility.

GENiBOX™ System Development

Includes latest Genibox integration with Nomad and GeMs System Open Source implementation on Github The biggest reason a home owner should consider installing a home security system is that it offers protection to family members from intruders. Homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar.

Capabilities of security system:

  • Will not only warn home occupants of the presence of smoke in the home, but they will also warn of sources of heat and contact authorities.
  • In general, a heat sensor can be installed without the home security system.
  • Do you know that in just thirty seconds a small flame can turn in to a full blown fire. In just minutes of a fire breaking out, the home will be filled with thick black smoke that makes it impossible for family members to breathe. These two facts alone are enough to reinforce the importance of having a home security system that will signal authorities to respond to a house fire
  • Home alarm systems are beneficial for families that often leave family members home alone.
  • Some video footage capability also helps homeowners create a record of what has been taken from their home during a burglary.
  • We still think that some of the biggest benefits to have a monitored home security system in your home is that it provides constant monitoring even when you are unable to do so yourself.
  • You as a Home owner, gets Underwriting discounts when you apply for a policy coverage on home general insurance.
  • Home automation is a relatively new concept and as such it is not offered by many home security companies yet but is becoming more popular. This service allows users to access and control the lighting, thermostat and, in some cases, small appliances of the home through remote access.
  • May be as an added value to your property when selling.
  • Costs-To-Owner's-Capital, the maintenance costs to the capital or property purchased by the owner.
  • Capability to a home is an added advantage or may be as an added value to your property when selling.

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