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IT Predicitions, Innovation, and Reconstruction
Reconstructing the ready platform, technology, or ideas are happening everywhere. Innovation happened once in a blue moon for now. As there are tedious and painstaking researches done by people or group of people who're passionate enough to do so. Some will say predicting the future is a fool's game. When we grow we're filled with ambitions and dreams without any concrete base of blueprint and research. So isn't predicting is our bread and butter? No doubt that some will not achieve the dreams or ambition that was sworn in the old days. But there are many dreams and ambitions which before with no concrete blueprint and research had became a reality in our daily days now.
Desktop for example, is one day will become obsolete not in a sense that is not needed but upgraded or stitched with new breath of technology which may be smaller, flexier, or even mobile. So we may not call it a desktop no more but maybe with a different name.

Delivery and game changers of a technology will not succeed with just innovation being out for production or reconstructing old technologies to a more usable app. But it's a more of educational for our future generations to think of another.

Aren't we living in a world where mobile phones are everywhere? Who have ever thought of that in the 70s or the 60s even. While the hype of big data is only limited to multi corporation or big organisation who really knew how to use them but not to the users or we can say here as the consumer. But big data does exist whether by force of usage or agreed by the users of any tech applications that are widely available in the market.

So we will say the power of predictions can give ideas to others to create or innovate. Only time will tell whether or not those predictions will exist or not will depend much on the mankind intelligence. Policies will soon be made to cover or as a guideline to those innovations or reconstructions of new and more usable technologies.

Author: Mad Koala  Date: 28/05/2015



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